About West Coast Tree Services

One of my best attributes is I am an organized, hands-on manager that pays special attention to the details.

I have over 20 + years experience in the tree business. I value listening to the customer and being present to hearing their needs and wants, as well as giving feedback and making suggestions that will help guide their tree service project.

My mantra is: How can I help? In my experience, our tree service has been a good fit for most of the people I give estimates for. And if not, I will even refer you to another tree service if that seems appropriate for best fitting your needs and wants.

West Coast Tree Service is fully licensed and insured and bonded.

CA Contractor’s License #95793


Thank you to my team – the current crew and past helpers, my mechanic, the big equipment dealers, supply vendors, my yard manager, my Dad–who sold me the business and helped me learn and grow  in the business.  And of course thank you to all my customers.

This tree service is what it is because of all of you.

Thank you.

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At West Coast Tree Service, we provide the best in tree care for home residences and commercial properties.

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